12.00 am    Myriad of Music 
 Classic easy listening tunes to take you through the night and morning. 
  9:00 am    Sunday Selection 
                   Join Jim Jefferies for an easy start to your Sunday morning.
10:00 am    Chapel Service
                   Live from the Hospital’s Chapel with Rev John Duffield.
10:30 am    Jim's Country
11:00 pm    Myriad of Music 
6:00 pm    Sensational 70s Sunday
                   Kevin Farrell plays music from the decade taste forgot. Get your flares out!
  8:00 pm    Myriad of Music
10:00 pm    Fáilte (Irish Music)                                       
                   Kevin Farrell with music from the Emerald Isle.
11:00 pm    Star Jazz  (Ep. 2/2)
                   Jim Jefferies presents live jazz performances.

As at: 19/11/2018 - Subject to late change.