12.00 am    Myriad of Music 
 Classic easy listening tunes to take you through the night 

                   and morning. 
10:00 am    National Request Chart

                   Join Mark Snowdon as he looks at the top requested songs from 

                   Hospital Radio stations across the UK.
11:00 am    Look Back with Len (Ep. 3/5)

                   Jim Jefferies talks to Len Rowland about Warrington’s Past.
12:00 pm    
Myriad of Music 

  3:00 pm    Mark's Music Mix

                   With Mark Warman.

  4:00 pm    Myriad of Music 

  5:00 pm    The Comedy Hour

                    Introduced by David Ball

  6:00 pm    Country Hour
  7:00 pm    90s Show 

          With David Birch.  

  8:00 pm    Wednesday Night Requests
                   David Quinn and the Wednesday night team with all your 

           requested tunes.
10:00 pm    Wednesday Wind Down 

   With David Birch.
11:00 pm    Jazz Club (Ep. 3/5)    
                   With Jim Jefferies. 


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Updated: 23/10/2019.